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Neurobiology of Trauma 3 Part Webinar Series

The impact that trauma has on the brain is a science that is still in its infancy. However, we already know a lot about how trauma can affect a crime victim’s capacity to communicate and form relationships with others, and their ability to process information, remember and learn. This impact can vary widely, and for many, the psychological, behavioral and physical health challenges can last a lifetime. Professionals who work with crime victims are embracing trauma-informed approaches in their work, and understanding the neurobiology of trauma is an important part of this.

This series of webinars will take us to the cutting edge of the research that is being done on the neurobiological effects of trauma. The presenters will share their clinical and research experience with an eye to empowering the many professionals who interact with crime victims. They will identify the behaviors and issues that manifest as a result of different kinds of trauma, and suggest strategies to better assist with crisis management, healing and recovery. The series will also educate those who investigate crimes on interview techniques and how to better work with traumatized victims.


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Number of Webinars Total Price
1 Webinar $110.00
2 Webinars $220.00
3 Webinars $280.00